Dali Dalliance and Leaping Tigers by Ken Grace

Guest Post on LIFE S ASIA magazine. Thanks Jackie.


We set off for the long awaited mountain oasis of Dali, departing Kunming on the overnight sleeper. One reasonably comfortable sleep and we woke, excited and ready for our cultural excursion into South-Western China.

Disappointment! We arrived to find a modern looking city, with tall buildings and highways, rather than the iconic town we expected. Fortunately, a forty-five minute drive brought us to Old Dali Town. Our excitement grew as we took in the Bai style architecture, the beautiful archways and the cobblestone streets.

The taxi dropped us in a lane of concrete structures, but we soon found our accommodation snuggled between these buildings. Sleepy Fish, seemed an apt description; peaceful and tranquil, yet sizzling with the energy and excitement of many travellers. Our Bai style room provided a spacious verandah, which over-looked beautiful well-kept gardens. It couldn’t have been more pleasing, being situated in a quiet area near…

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Conor Cawley: 5 Things You’ve Resolved To Do in 2015

Drinkers with Writing Problems

With every New Year comes resolutions. If you didn’t post a long Facebook status about it, you at least had that voice inside your head that said, “It’s 2015 already? Well fuck. I should probably do something with my life.” It’s hard not to reflect on what you’ve accomplished when something as significant as the last digit in a date line changes, but how can you be expected to improve so vastly in a single year?

Making vague, impossible-to-keep resolutions leads to inevitable failure. So here is a list of those resolutions and a few simpler ones that will make 2015 that much more manageable:

1. Lose Weight
If you didn’t assume I was going to start with this one, you’re a fool! A fool, I say! But this is at the top of the list because this is at the top of everyone’s list. I am in no way…

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