The Eagle Diaries began as a way of communicating our travels to our family and several groups of friends; mainly those attending a day respite centre for the frail aged and for people with a mental disability.
What began as a grain of sand, quickly grew into a mountain; my emails being forwarded on to others in the surrounding area.
We began meeting a lot of other happy wanderers, also interested in reading about our travels, so we added their names and email addresses, to an ever expanding list. By the time we arrived home after our first trip to Europe, several communities at home and abroad, read our stories and communicated their own.
After many requests from readers, the Eagle Diaries became an online Blog.
Enjoy the read … Enjoy the journey …

After publishing my first novel Blood Prize, I became aware of the amazing amount of talented authors out there in the world and thought it would be a great idea to showcase them on my blog by way of author interviews. If you would like to have an interview on this page, please email me at ken@kengracebooks.com

Occasionally I will post about specials or competitions that I am running. You can also sign up to receive these specials straight to your inbox by clicking here.

Feel free to connect with me also on Facebook, Twitter or GoodReads.

Have an awesome day!

Ken “Charlie” Grace


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  1. Hello Ken, thank you for your interest in following my blog. I’ve been reading several of your posts and have been enjoying the thoughtfulness behind each one. Your photos are expressive and a delight to view as well. I wish you happy travels!


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