Conor Cawley: 5 Things You’ve Resolved To Do in 2015

Drinkers with Writing Problems

With every New Year comes resolutions. If you didn’t post a long Facebook status about it, you at least had that voice inside your head that said, “It’s 2015 already? Well fuck. I should probably do something with my life.” It’s hard not to reflect on what you’ve accomplished when something as significant as the last digit in a date line changes, but how can you be expected to improve so vastly in a single year?

Making vague, impossible-to-keep resolutions leads to inevitable failure. So here is a list of those resolutions and a few simpler ones that will make 2015 that much more manageable:

1. Lose Weight
If you didn’t assume I was going to start with this one, you’re a fool! A fool, I say! But this is at the top of the list because this is at the top of everyone’s list. I am in no way…

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