I Am

I Am

I Am the sun warming Your face;
I Am the birds You hear, calling in the forest;
I Am the beauty You see in the flight of the Eagle;
I Am You as the gardener, growing self in perfection;
I Am the grandeur of Your changing seasons;
I Am the deep currents of joy experienced in Us;
I Am the crackling energy that flows out; Joining Yours; creating Ours;
I Am the essence in every cell of Your existence;
I Am the burning of desire in Your beautiful heart;
I Am the nakedness of Your truth;
I Am the contrast in the feelings We share;
I Am the euphoria of our experience in Each Other;
I Am the grass on which You lay;
I Am the glory of God within You;
I Am the wonder of Our pulling apart and Our coming together;
I Am Your attraction to the flame as the moth; feminine to masculine;
I Am the flower of your being, seeking the light;
I Am the connection to Us, that can never be broken;
I Am Your animal in the valley and Your God on high;
I Am Your desire, yearning, craving for Us;
I Am the drumming of hooves, You hear on the plains;
I Am the flowing mane You grasp as the ground rushes by;
I Am Our body, mind and Our soul in joyous harmony;
I Am Our spiritual centres, raised in unison, unto Our highest selves;
I Am Our sacred cup spilling over;
I Am Your love;
I Am God Is Love.


Reflection by Katie Grace


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